The Destroyers: The Rozvi Ruins of DhloDhlo, Naletale, Zinjanja and Bila

These four amazingly decorated ruins are among the best in the country are are rarely visited by mainstream tourism. Located in the area between Shangani and Gweru, north of Bulawayo, each tells a fascinating story of the rise and fall of the rulers of this era during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Rozvi people, known as the Destroyers because of their military might, controlled this area for over a century. Their power was only broken with the arrival of Mzilikazi’s Ndebele in the 1830s. These ancient stone cities are an integral part of the story of modern Zimbabwe.

Tour details:

Full or half day to visit some of the lesser-known but beautiful ruins in central Zimbabwe.
Tours including walking up and down uneven stone stairways of medium steepness.
Entrance fees are not included. Zimbabweans bring an ID to confirm your country of origin.
Casual dress recommended; no high-heels or flip-flops allowed. Hats, cameras and sunscreen recommended.
Refreshments including drinking water and some soft drinks will be provided.
For a full day, a packed picnic lunch can be arranged, with attention to dietary requirements.